SQL Backup Scheduler

SQL Server backups are an essential part of every good disaster recovery strategy. That is good. But setting up such backups to run effortlessly, is the goal. So our SQL Backup scheduler provides a simple scheduling mechanism that allows you to trigger full, differential, and transaction log backups at periodic intervals. A set of predefined backup plans makes getting started a breeze.


Best SQL Backup Schedular Provider in Delhi/NCR

backs up your SQL Server databases to any number of popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Box, and Google Drive. It can also back up databases to an FTP server – or a folder on your local machine, network server, or storage device.

Backing up your SQL Server databases to the cloud shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. SQL Backup Scheduler comes to the rescue by providing an easy way to upload your database backups to one or more affordable (or free) cloud storage services. It also offers rich compression, encryption, scheduling, recovery, and notification services – so that you can stop worrying and get back to business.

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